Are you a beginner? No problem!!!

I live in a magic area for flyangling: here you can find almost all the quarries anglers are after, from the shy chub to the ferocious pike. If you decide to spend your holiday here combining tourism to fishing, you’ve made the perfect match. 

Many people decide to come to Tuscia for tourism (a really positive choice!) and then have a try with the fly on one of our many waters. Most of these people are not experienced flyanglers, in some cases they have not even grabbed a flyrod nor have any idea of how to start with.

I have a solution also for unexperienced anglers. Give me a few hours and you’ll learn how to start sending a fly within a reasonable distance, sufficient to invite the angry fish to accept your offer. Of course you will not become a proficient flyangler in such a short time but will be able to appreciate the magician of the fabulous art of flyfishing. Once fallen in love with the art, you will surely continue when back at home, thus reaching the top of satisfactions… 


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