Others’ opinions… the “Yellow House” in Civitella d’Agliano

From “http://www.theyellowhouse-italy.com/fly-fishing”.

Osvaldo Velo is passionate about fly fishing having almost 40 years of experience. He is not only passionate about the practical skills of fly fishing but also about its philosophy, history and culture.  His professional roles include presidency of The National Italian Fly Fishing Association, representative of The National Lazio Fly Fishing Association and secretary of The National Casting School. He has studied under Mario Riccardi and translated English and French fly fishing books.

 Osvaldo organizes tailor-made fishing holidays to accommodate beginners, families with children and experienced fishermen and women. His services include fly fishing instruction, fishing trips to the best spots in the area and provision of equipment and licences.

Osvaldo knows that visitors to Italy may have plans other than fishing and therefore offers a range of itineraries that should suit everyone, he is happy to be involved as little or as much as you want.  If you would like to combine your stay at The Yellow house with fly fishing, please contact Osvaldo.

Osvaldo also offers casting sessions for beginners, and those wanting to brush up their skills. Casting sessions take place at the Yellow House in the field and the stream. During the sessions he teaches his students about the fishing equipment and how to drop the fly in the right spot. He develops confidence in casting in order to maximise enjoyment of fishing at the many beautiful fishing locations in central Italy.  If you’ve never tried fly fishing and would like to know more, the article “Fly Fishing for Absolute beginners” is great place to start.

Central Italy is blest with the most beautiful landscape and abundance of rivers and lakes. It offers a wide range of fishing locations including lakes Bolsena, Vico and Mezzano and rivers Tiber, Mignone, Fiora and Marta all within easy reach of The Yellow House.  Those prepared to travel a little further can find yet more idyllic fishing spots.


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