Season 2016: still a lot of days to go…


In Italy, September is largely considered as the end of the fishing season for trout. The national law states that fishing in trout rivers closes the first Sunday of October. After that date, a trout caught in any kind of water is to be immediately released.

This is true in most regions and provinces but it is not true in “all” waters. There are some cases where trout fishing is still allowed in October, November and December.

Central Italy has a number of waters falling under this rule/exception.

Trout start feeding eagerly to be ready for the spawning season. The cooler days make fishing a more pleasant occupation. Mayflies, sedges and the like (whose hatch had a sudden halt during the hottest days of July and August) are found on the wings in greater number…

This, combined with the long lasting warm weather, the colorful landscapes typical of this period of the year, the numberless “sagre” and local events make of Italy the best destination for a ùholiday where fishing is the most important component.

Do you need extra reasons? 🙂

ps: yes, there are others!! Chub, black bass, pike… which can be fished until the end of the year… and later!!!





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