Deeply in our unstained nature…

Tuscia, the province of Viterbo, has many small streams running through an unbelievably green area. A few are classified as “trout water”


Province of Viterbo – Secondary Water – Class “A” – Maggots not allowed

but, to be honest, they hold salmonids only for a short period after the opening day (end of February). For the rest of the year, anglers can face themselves with cyprinids, still very hard to be caught due to the intrigued nature, overhanding trees and bushes and so on.


Very short rods (6-7″) and light lines (#2-3) are a must…


The water is never gin clear due to the quality of the bottom: tufa releases very small particles all the year round.

What makes these places really unforgettable, is the fact that these streams (locally called “Rios””) cross the land of our ancestors, the Etruscans, whose caves and tombs can be seen all around us. While passing and tumbling on rocks and tufa, they dig into the earth and form the so called “Forre”, narrow passages carved in the stone…


Deeply carved into the tufa, this spots holds fish very difficult to be seen. It is more than 2mt deep.


Waders are not sufficient to reach the top of the “pool”. Casting is very hard due to the overhanging branches (not visible in the photo)

Some of them are still used for cultural sightseeing tours during the Summer months and in Winter they are transformed into a Nativity scenario.


Etruscan Tombs all along the path running aside this “rio”.


Etruscan Tombs – transformed into Nativity Scenario during Christmas


“Fishing with the Etruscans” is one of the opportunities offered by our beloved land… Don’t miss the opportunity for a “different” holiday!!!


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