River Marta: a next door opportunity…

There are periods of the year when you have no time for fishing: meetings, events, festivals and thousands of small engagements keeps you away from rods and flies. The best solution is to have rod and tackle always ready in the car. A good rule, indeed!

Two days ago my presence was required in Montefiascone (a small town not far from Viterbo and famous for its Est! Est! Est! wine) and I had a 1,5h gap between two meetings. Too much for a restless soul… too much for an angler… too near the lake to stay unactive…

The lake is only 5 minutes from the town and in this period of the year it offers good chances for black bass and pike. But you need a (belly)boat for the best spots. Too complicated with such a short time available.

Marta is a lovely small town (with a very nice fishermen’s harbor,  a well-known tourist attraction) where river Marta originates: its first stretch runs between houses and has a pedestrian passage following the river for a few hundreds meters: you don’t even need boots and its is perfect for a quick and sudden fishing trip.

Marta was my choice and I was right. Chub were numberless, positively reacting to my #8 black (or yellow) foam beetle noisily cast and stripped as if it were a popper. In less than 40 minutes my rod bent for more than 20 times. Fish ranged from smallest (3cm!!!) to 40+…

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Lake Bolsena offers many many good spots for fishing and anglers living in the province of Viterbo are lucky for such an opportunity.

When you decide for your next holiday in (central) Italy, don’t forget to get in touch. I’ll be glad to help as much as possible…





Flyfishing: a bridge to our roots

Obliged to stay away from Tuscia for a few weeks – It wasn’t for fishing – helas!  – I grabbed the chance to pay a couple of visits to local flyangling clubs: one in Siena and one in Piacenza, where I had been asked to attend an evening meeting  talking about the history of flyfishing, a subject I am really fond of.

In Siena, I had a nice talk – with slides – about flyfishing from the deepest roots to the so-called “modern age” and we touched all the most important milestones, from the ancient Chinese dynasties to Halford and≠ passing through Aeliano, the Egyptians, Cotton, De Boisset… and many other names who contributed to the spreading of our beloved hobby.

Piacenza was a little different matter. The members of the club were mainly interested in Charles Ritz and I was glad to show slides about this great angler and his history, with references to the places he mentioned in his works and which I was lucky enough to visit and appreciate during a summer holiday, many years ago.

Members of “Mosca Club Piacenza” attending the evening talk about Charles Ritz.

On that occasion, I drove for miles with a camping tent and touched most of those villages and towns made famous in by Ritz, Sinclair, de Boisset… just to mention a few. The subject attracted the interest of the members of the club who showed appreciation for the slides and the description of this great angler’s life.

Questions were endless and we reached the peak of night very quickly… and when at last I had a look at the clock, it was really time to go to the hotel, where I was glad to meet a soft and warm bed.

In both cases, I had a really warm welcome and I am in debt with those friends who gave me the chance to share part of my knowledge with them, confirming that flyfishing is not confined to a the banks of a river.