River Nera and Dutch Anglers: a nice experience (1/2).

After many rainless days, today the sky opened its dams and nature thanked for the huge amount of water wetting trees and grass.

The Dutch anglers arrived yesterday to spend a short holiday in northern Latium in a lovely Agriturism (Il Passatore) and had already planned their fishing trip and program could not be modified. It was not the perfect day for a fishing session; nevertheless we decided to try.  Before leaving, tackle has to be checked and verified.

River Nera has wonderful stretches under normal level conditions but the quantity of sudden rain altogether in a couple of hours had darkened the water to the worst. Once on the river bank, we understood how heavy the rain had been.

We moved upstream a few kilometers, where the turbolence of water is not as strong and casting not so difficult.

The water was a little lighter in color and quieter, even if higher than normal. Of course, no sign of activity: insects and fish were all motionless. The river temperature was very low, while the sky was still gray and covered with unfriendly clouds. Rain was expected again.

Ronald and his son were anxious to feel the fish at the end of the line but – in spite of their very good casting skill –  there was evidence that their dreams were supposed to be cancelled.

A few, fishless casts. We move upstream where the water is shallower and acceptable in color.

A few more casts… No evidence of life… and the water gets darker…

Fish are supposed to be under cover to the other side of the river, under overhanging branches. Too difficult to be reached with a normal overhead cast because of the presence of trees and canes and bushes. The only possible solution is the roll cast but none of the the two have any idea about it.


Some suggestions and demonstration help a lot and after a few minutes they both can manage it and put the fly to the right spot without sending line and leader to the branches.

Fish are responseless but it is not important, under the circumstances. Learning something new and unexperienced is always useful.

Proud to have been of some help…!!!

It is lunch time already. If fish don’t eat, we do… and Italian restaurants offer the best of our traditional food!

The day after tomorrow the weather is supposed to be sunny. We’ll be back soon, beloved Nera…!!!