River Nera and Dutch Anglers: a nice experience (2/2)

Planes were to visit another water but the scarcity of rains has reduced all other rivers to lowest levels. The decision is therefore somehow forced: Nera again. This time to a different area.

We choose to go down to the limit with the lower stretch of the central no-kill where casting is normally a little easier still remaining the water a not-so-easy spot.

The river is in perfect conditions in spite of the strong storm of the previous evening but the water is still a little colder than usual and fish remain under cover.

After a few hours, the boy notices that his boots are damaged and need a solution. We get in touch with the local info point and – thanks to the help of the clerk – he has new boots. Unfortunately all this obliges us to stop fishing until afternoon: never mind, there is a nice restaurant near the river and we have a very nice stop (local typical food… wonderful!).

After lunch, we decide to stay in the nearby: hatching time is coming and we do not want to loose the opportunity of the best rises.

Walking along the river the boy notices a very nice fish in the center of a very small pool, near the bank. Apparently, it is sick (moving slowly, almost motionless, up and down…) but it suddenly rises to an invisible fly and goes back to its position.

The boy has a very big fly (stimulator) on the leader (we were “hunting” fish in very fast water). “Try this small pattern and cast again, using only the tippet…”. I give him the imitation of an ant, #18. The response is immediate….

Back again to casting… the river is in its perfect conditions but fish are still deep to the bottom.

It is daddy’ time… under n overhanding tree, in very difficult position. the cast goes underwater and he feels a pull… not a big one, but enough to be happy!!!

The day is almost over: night is coming soon and the dark covers everything. One or two more casts into the dark… a bump on the rod… what happens?  A flying trout? no… a small bat! This river is magician: you can come over and fish trout and bats as well!!!

It is time to go back home: the two anglers from the North will surely have a lot of things and experiences to tell their friends. They promised to come back next year, spring or early autumn: the very best periods for this wonderful river in central Italy!!!