About Me

I have been fishing since the very green years of my life and in 1977 I definitely switched to flyfishing, which became my style of life.

I have been lucky enough to meet people who taught me a lot. I have no specific preferences as for flyfishing technique even is the dry is – like most of us – my favorite. As a matter of fact, I think that a complete flyangler should have a strong knowledge of all the techniques offered by his tackle (given that the “spirit” of fly angling is not denaturalized) and I deeply went into each of them.


In my opinion, fishing cannot be considered as a “sport” because it has nothing to share with this definition. I come from “traditional” fishing but flyfishing was a revelation and my future.

I am fond of all the aspects of flyfishing, including history and phylosophy.

I am also in deep love with my land and I think that it deserves much more. My past experiences both in Italy and abroad led me to the conclusion that we live in a lucky country where fishing, history, art and nature make it a top rate destination for great holidays.

Too few people have no or little knowledge of what Italy offers to fly anglers. From the north to the southern regions of our peninsula we are literally filled with rivers, streams, lakes and so on all offering top rate opportunities. Unfortunately, these have never received the right and due consideration with the results that when foreign anglers pay us a visit are very much surprised and very seldom unsatisfied.

When I moved from the north (where I spent most of my life and fished most of those waters) to the province of Viterbo I was well aware of the fact that I had decided to live in a magic land.

This province – within short distance from Rome – is rich in lakes and streams and the sea is only half an hour away. The perfect land for the enthusiast anglers to which I shall be glad to offer my guide services, including tuition, fly dressing, lectures, equipment and much much more.



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