Where – in the same region (Latium)

The souther part of Latium offers good chances to flyanglers addicts. Waters which can be easily reached thanks to the motorway granting good and fast connection.

River Aniene:

Not far from Rome, it crosses a very narrow valley where casting is really very difficult in some cases while the lower part is much easier. It contains trout and chubs (in the lowest stretches).


Clear and shallow water: abundant on this part of river Aniene


Deep pools with overhanging bushes: a typical situation.


Fast current entering a deep pool. We are not in the Alps. We are not far from Rome!!!

River Fibreno

It’s a real chalk-stream, originating from a very small lake. It contains a so-called “green trout”(Trutta macrostigma –  a species living only here and other rivers in Central Italy).  Waders are useless, given its depth which obliges fishing from the bank a difficult task due to the presence of canes and weeds for the most part of the year.


River Fibreno cannot be entered everywhere. You should know the exact spot and time to approach far from danger


Chalk-streams have specific features and river Fibreno has all. Including reactive fish.


Fast, deep water from a small dam. Fish eagerly accept tiny spiders and bulky offers. Of course, not always. The point is to know when.

Smaller streams in Eastern Latium

The province of Rieti is filled with small-medium rivers and lakes,  most of them very interesting for trout fishing and which also offers various casting difficulties. If you are in search of wild spots and enchanting beautiful landscape to be visited during a fishing trip, this is the right one-day destination.


You hardly can see it from the road but if you know how to reach it, this small water offers you technical challenges.


Very shallow and cold water. Submerged weeds, Overhanging bushes. Fish are not huge but hungry. Fast. Strong. And shy.

Lake Bracciano

Lake Bracciano is only a few kilometers from Viterbo and is best fished from a boat or belly-boat. Fishing from the shore (waders) is also possible. This lake has only three towns on its banks: Anguillara, Trevignano and Bracciano which offer good opportunities for a day of tourism . Lake Bracciano has pike, black bass, cyprinids all accepting streamers, poppers, wets and dries.


Lake Bracciano is within easy reach from Viterbo and offers many satisfactions both from the shore and from a boat. Bellies are even better.



The best period for Lake Bracciano is end of Winter, beginning of Spring when pike are more active.

The above are but a few of the opportunities offered by our province. It should be noted, however, that from Viterbo (not far from Rome) it is possible to enjoy many more waters. For further details, please visit www.flyfishingtuscia.com